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Nordic eSIM is leader in cloud based eSIM subscription management.

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Tailored eSIM platform

Our services supports various scenarios for eSIM solutions 

eSIM management solution for consumer devices

End-to-end solution to generate, prepare, store and remotely transfer mobile operator eSIM profiles to consumer devices


M2M eSIM Platform with Nordic eSIM: Elevating Direct Device Communication. Delve into Nordic eSIM’s advanced M2M eSIM platform, underpinned by the robust duo of SMDP and SMSR, ensuring seamless, remote profile management across diverse machine-to-machine interfaces.

IoT eSIM – SGP.32

GSMA SGP.32 with Nordic eSIM: Pioneering Advanced IoT eSIM Solutions. Dive into the next-gen IoT eSIM standard that prioritizes device versatility and seamless integration. Nordic eSIM champions this innovation, ensuring adaptability and optimization for diverse IoT ecosystems.

eUICC: A pivotal advancement in SIM configurations

eUICC enables both embedded and removable card designs. Experience the technical benefits of remote operator profile management and a framework tailored for multi-operator versatility with Nordic eSIM.

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Get started with eSIM in the cloud

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In Short – we remove complexity and makes time to market fast and flexible

As a managed service Nordic eSIM remove complexities, ensuring seamless, secure, and efficient communication. With our GSMA SAS SM Accredited platform, the interconnected digital era finds its backbone in Nordic eSIM’s solution. Trust in us to be the foundation of your business aspirations.