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GSMA SGP.32 Advancing eSIM IoT Solutions

As eSIM technology continues to evolve, the GSMA SGP.32 emerges as a significant advancement in the IoT domain.

As eSIM technology continues to evolve, the GSMA SGP.32 emerges as a significant advancement in the IoT domain. Designed to address the shortcomings of previous provisioning standards, this specification offers enhanced adaptability for IoT deployments. Nordic eSIM, committed to technological excellence, is ready to incorporate this development, delivering increased flexibility, scalability, and compatibility to our clients. 

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The Backstory for eSIM IoT Architecture

The initial potential of eSIM promised a dynamic future for connected devices. However, existing standards, notably the M2M and Consumer eSIM standards, presented challenges in IoT deployments and were not suitable for a wide range of devices. The industry needed a refined standard.

Evolve into GSMA SGP.32

In response to the industry’s call, GSMA introduced SGP.32. This technical specification, tailored for IoT devices with network constraints or without user interfaces, brings substantial enhancements. Central to this system is the SM-DP+ – an integral component operated by Nordic eSIM. In conjunction with the IoT Profile Assistant (IPA) and the eSIM IoT Remote Manager (eIM), the SGP.32 solution from Nordic eSIM aims to optimize profile management and connectivity. 


Simplified Integration:

Through the SM-DP+, we ensure consistent interactions between devices and their managers.

Enhanced Flexibility

Our system supports effortless transitions between connectivity providers.

Broad Applicability

Nordic eSIM's adaptation of SGP.32 caters to a wide range of IoT devices, regardless of network or UI limitations.

Potential Impact and the Role of M2M

Nordic eSIM’s integration of GSMA SGP.32 has distinct implications for the IoT sector:

  • OEM Empowerment:
    Our infrastructure provides OEMs with greater latitude in shaping their connectivity strategies.

  • Service Expansion:
    By adopting the SGP.32 system, we’re diversifying our service offerings, enhancing connectivity options for devices.

  • M2M Relevance:
    While SGP.32 is a step forward, the M2M eSIM Platform retains its importance for particular applications. Nordic eSIM acknowledges its distinct advantages and continues to offer M2M where it’s most appropriate.

Summary of SGP.32 in short

Nordic eSIM is geared towards leveraging the benefits GSMA SGP.32 introduces to the IoT landscape. As we prepare to integrate this new standard, our dedication remains unyielding – offering top-tier connectivity solutions for our clients.

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