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The preferred partner world wide on hosted systems for eSIM personalization and subscription management.

Who we are

a World Wide eSIM provider

Nordic eSIM has more than 20 years of experience in solutions for the telecom industry, in areas such as production and personalization of SIM cards, data management and ID documents, for example. driving license.

Nordic eSIM offers world wide managed services for the personalization of eSIM and subscription management. We do this by delivering a hosted and managed solution that works for all types of eSIM, so you are not locked to a specific SIM manufacturer.

Nordic eSIM provides a full solution; software platform, hosting, operation, support and customer service – the cost optimal and most effective way to cope with future eSIM. For operators, service providers, M2M and IoT.

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A preffered eSIM partner

As one of the first Cloud GSMA Certified eSIM providers we are a preffered partner on a global scale 

Nordic eSIM is leader in cloud based eSIM subscription management.

We specializes in the partnering with the following business categories

Less hassle with a scalable, high perfoming and secure cloudbased eSIM platform.

Connecting 1 billion people to the internet

We support unconnected.org, and help bridge the digital divide and ensure that everyone has access to technology and the opportunities it provides.  

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