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Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card​

An eUICC, or Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card, represents the next generation of SIM technology. While traditional SIMs are physical cards manually inserted into devices, an eUICC can be directly embedded during manufacturing or exist in a removable card form. Nordic eSIM, at the forefront of this innovation, proudly offers eUICCs, catering to the dynamic needs of today’s connected world. Our eUICCs allow devices to effortlessly switch between mobile network operators without physically changing the SIM card. 

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Key features of embedded SIM - eUICC

  1. Multiple Profiles:
    Our eUICC’s distinct advantage lies in its capacity to store multiple operator profiles. Devices outfitted with our eUICC can seamlessly switch between various mobile network subscriptions, eliminating the traditional constraints of SIM-bound operator profiles.
  2. Remote Provisioning:
    With Nordic eSIM’s eUICC, operator profiles can be remotely managed and updated over-the-air (OTA). This feature eradicates the necessity for direct device access when altering or updating network profiles, a game-changer for devices in inaccessible locations.
  3. Enduring Design:
    Built for longevity, our eUICC is tailored to endure throughout the device’s lifespan, offering consistent connectivity without the drawbacks of typical SIM card degradation.
  4. Broad Application:
    Nordic eSIM’s eUICC isn’t confined to just personal gadgets. Its applications span a vast range of devices, from intricate industrial machinery and vehicles to intuitive smart home appliances and wearables.

Why choose Nordic eSIM’s eUICC?

Flexibility and Global Reach: Devices equipped with our eUICC can operate internationally, transitioning effortlessly between network providers based on location or specific requirements.

Operational Efficiency: By allowing remote profile management, our eUICC reduces both the operational challenges and expenses tied to traditional SIM card distribution and swapping.

Top-Tier Security: Prioritizing secure communications, Nordic eSIM’s eUICCs come fortified with advanced security measures, shielding against unauthorized interventions.

Merge flexibility, security and remote capabilites

Nordic eSIM’s eUICC offering is not merely a step forward in technology; it’s a monumental leap in global connectivity. By merging flexibility, robust security, and remote capabilities, our eUICC is sculpting the future of mobile communications. Dive into the next era of connectivity with Nordic eSIM’s eUICC.

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