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APIs and Interfaces for easy eSIM integration

Our server interfaces are available through language-neutral format and can be mapped and called via interfaces defined by GSMA.

Nordic eSIM offers flexible and fully scalable subscription management for provisioning of eSIM on eUICC, with easy operation and eSIM activation on our secure subscription management servers.


What a GSMA certification means​

The advanced standard is tailormade for the diverse range of today’s IoT devices, integrating eSIM management into established device management systems, and propelling it to a new horizon.
Mobile Operators, MVNOs, IoT Service Providers, or OEMs, take note! At Nordic eSIM, our GSMA SAS SM Accredited platform is already in the cloud, poised to redefine your connectivity management requests.

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Partnering with a third-party provider like Nordic eSIM can offer numerous benefits, including operational efficiency, scalability, seamless integration, enhanced customer experience, robust security, data-driven insights, and cost-effectiveness.

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