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M2M eSIM Platform

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Machine-to-Machine (M2M) represents the future of direct device communication across various channels. As the automated dialogue between devices becomes a cornerstone of modern operations, traditional SIM cards show their limitations. Enter the M2M eSIM Platform by Nordic eSIM, underlined by the robust technical duo of SMDP and SMSR. 

Unlike the static nature of conventional SIM cards, our platform is built upon the eSIM or “embedded SIM” technology. While an eSIM can be integrated into the device during manufacturing, it can also adopt the remote SIM (eUICC) form. This offers the significant advantage of reprogramming these SIMs remotely – a game-changer for devices that are out of easy reach or always on the move. 

Delving Into Nordic eSIM's M2M eSIM Platform

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Form Factor Diversity:

Our platform acknowledges that eUICCs can be embedded or take the form of a remote SIM. Regardless of their physical design, their true value is their capability for remote profile management, especially for hard-to-reach M2M devices.

SMDP and SMSR - The Heartbeat of Flexibility:

Central to the adaptability of our M2M eSIM Platform are the Subscription Manager Data Preparation (SMDP) and the Subscription Manager Secure Routing (SMSR). They oversee the secure provisioning and management of operator profiles on eSIMs. This lets devices adapt profiles without needing physical adjustments — invaluable for M2M contexts.

Uncompromised Security:

Our platform ensures that eSIMs authenticate devices onto networks, assuring data integrity and seamless connectivity, enriched by the eSIM's versatile form.

Worldwide M2M Deployment:

Particularly for cross-border M2M activities like logistics, our platform's capacity to accommodate multiple operator profiles on eSIMs is unmatched. Devices can switch profiles for uninterrupted connectivity.

Why select a hosted eSIM M2M Platform?

  • GSMA SAS SM Accreditation: Our platform is not just technologically advanced; it meets the gold standard with its GSMA SAS SM certification, ensuring reliability and adherence to global specifications.
  • Endurance: Whether they’re in embedded or remote form, our eSIMs are engineered to withstand environmental challenges, extending their lifespan.
  • Dynamic & Scalable: Distribute devices globally without locking them to a specific network. As your needs evolve, our platform scales seamlessly, downloading and activating operator profiles as required.
  • Cost Efficiency: With remote profile management, our platform offers palpable savings, slashing costs associated with physical SIM card logistics.

Nordic eSIM M2M in short

Nordic eSIM’s M2M eSIM Platform, fortified with SMDP and SMSR, is more than just a step forward in machine-to-machine communications; it’s the future. As a managed service, we remove complexities, ensuring seamless, secure, and efficient communication. With our GSMA SAS SM Accredited platform, the interconnected digital era finds its backbone in Nordic eSIM’s solution. Trust in us to be the foundation of your M2M aspirations.

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